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Helping Nambour Exhaust and Towbars move the Rodeo

Towbars Australia supports Nambour Exhaust and Towbars in the 2014 QLD Great Endeavour Rally

When towing is the only option to get that unregistered or broken car somewhere.   Towbars Australia recently helped Nambour Exhaust and Towbars get their Rodeo to the Nambour fitment centre.  Hopefully this will be the first and last time the Rodeo will need to get towed, especially on a car trailer.  Over the coming months the Rodeo will be transformed into an offroad contender ready to participate in the Queensland Great Endeavour Rally in July this year. 

The Rally heads off from Warwick via the Corner Country and back to Bundaberg.  The round trip will take 10 days if all goes well.  Having the correct equipment and a contingency plan for every problem you can imagine is vital.  There are no guarantees and herein is the exciting part.  The unknown and the challenge to use limited resources available to keep you safe and moving.   Towbars Australia is excited watching the progress and supports Nambour Exhaust and Towbars all the way. 

You too can watch their progress by visitng their facebook page at www.facebook.com/nambourexhaustcentre.  Over the coming months fundraising activities will be a huge part of Nambour Exhaust and Towbars focus as they fulfill their commitment to support the organisation behind the Great Endeavour Rally - The Endeavour Foundation.  See the difference this organisation makes in so many people's lives by visiting them @ www.endeavour.com.au